Asterisk VoIP Solution by Beyond Networks

The HyperVoice series IP-PBX solution provides small to medium sized businesses with an economical device for delivering full featured Voice over IP (VoIP) services. Coupled with a SIP provider, HyperVoice offers an economical non proprietary alternative to a PBX or key system, as well as a rich, broad set of VoIP capabilities that can be customized to match the users needs. This easy to use solution integrates with the PSTN network and accommodates a mix of IP and analogue phones.

HyperVoice Key Benefits

Reduced Total Cost of Operation >> Businesses can implement an IP telephony system with HyperVoice for less than what it would cost to install a traditional PBX or key phone system. The simplicity of the solution reduces procurement, deployment and administration costs.

Meet Business Needs from Day One >> The HyperVoice solution includes a broad range of built-in business quality features such as voice mail, auto attendant, interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD) and conferencing. In total, over 140 software-based calling features are available to efficiently facilitate business activities.

Count on Performance Backed by Expert Service >> The HyperVoice Asterisk solution demonstrates the power of Open Source technologies to reduce costs and optimize functionality. It also delivers one more critical ingredient that maximizes the value of this groundbreaking product: expert support. Beyond Networks' professional technical team has been certified to install and service this appliance, including on-site and remote maintenance and installation support. Flexible coverage and response time options - from 24/7 support with response times from 4 hours to next business day.

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