For small businesses with 10 to 50 network users, our IT outsourcing services liberate you from dependence on an individual freelance consultant, while giving you affordable, reliable access to enterprise-class technical expertise.

By delivering professional know-how when you need it, providing specialized expertise in key applications, offering unique services such as automated server monitoring, and charging only for services you use, Beyond Networks gives you an affordable way to maximize the business value of your network. Beyond Networks is the smart way for small businesses to build and maintain a reliable and secure information system and to have fast access to the skilled support ordinarily available only to businesses who can afford a large internal IT organization.

Why Beyond Networks Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Beyond Network's staff size, depth of technical expertise, and familiarity with enterprise IT allow small businesses to avoid the pitfalls associated with excessive reliance on smaller service organizations or independent freelance consultants.

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Avoid Dependence on Individual Freelance Consultants

For IT support small businesses often rely heavily on independent freelance consultants. Although freelance consultants carry less overhead than larger support organizations and can afford to charge marginally less, they are often stretched too thin to respond quickly to urgent situations. If an independent consultant is busy with another client, sick, on vacation or in training, the lack of backup personnel may force your business to wait for help during emergencies. As your small business grows, network downtime or problems with critical applications become more costly. The money you thought you were saving on a freelancer can be eaten up quickly by lost productivity.

Have Access to Expertise in Complex IT Solutions

Many small service organizations or freelance consultants focused on small business IT support may excel at providing straightforward solutions but lack the experience to deal cost-effectively with complex IT infrastructures with features such as multi-office connectivity, VPNs, mobile workforces, telecommuter support, integrated financial and operational applications, eCommerce, and custom software. Beyond Network's enterprise experience can be valuable to your small business because enterprise environments are inherently complex. Integration issues require in-depth knowledge in many IT disciplines, and achieving a high level of stability, reliability and security requires enterprise-proven best practices.

Build a Solid Foundation for Seamless Growth

Small businesses often start with an IT system implemented on a low budget. Lacking a proper foundation and a series of band-aid fixes often accumulate on top of a weak foundation. As a business grows, stability and scalability issues can hinder the success of the organization. Such environments need proper assessment, intelligent strategic planning, and broad-based expertise to upgrade to an IT infrastructure that will provide the solid foundation to meet critical business needs and ease future growth.

Work with Solution Providers, Not Product Resellers

Small businesses require guidance and education to navigate through an increasingly complex maze of technology options available for accelerating business growth and improving efficiency. They do not need an IT consultant who is trying to sell them a product. Beyond Networks avoids conflicts of interest by not selling any products. This allows Beyond Networks to align technical expertise with the best interests of clients. IT consulting and product selling can lead to a situation where the proposed solution is built around a predetermined technology rather than the genuine needs of a small business.


Service Delivery Options Available for Small Businesses

To address the information technology requirements and budget restraints of small companies, Beyond Networks provides a range of options for receiving support, repair, and consulting help. Learn more about Beyond Network's support delivery options for small businesses.

IT Outsourcing and Network Monitoring Packages

As a result of years of experience supporting small business information networks, Beyond Networks has developed a variety of IT Outsourcing and Network Monitoring Packages designed to provide an affordable way for small businesses to manage networks that feature high availability, performance, and security. Beyond Network's IT Outsourcing and Network Monitoring Packages are based on the proactive problem solving capabilities of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), a next-generation network management software platform that monitors the availability, performance, and security of your information system and identifies problems before they can disrupt your network. Beyond Network's IT Outsourcing and Network Monitoring Packages also feature network assessment, security audits, Help Desk Call Centre support, and the establishment of safe remote connections between your network and Beyond Network's support experts. Learn more about Beyond Network's IT Outsourcing and Network Monitoring Packages for cost-effective IT support outsourcing.

For more information about Beyond Network's network support outsourcing, refer to Beyond Network's IT Service Outsourcing Fact Sheets, downloadable in Acrobat format for convenient printing. To see how MOM helped a Sydney company achieve enterprise-class system management, refer to Microsoft Operations Manager Case Study.

To learn more about Beyond Network's Network Support Packages, call 1300 - 883 553 or send email to

As a Microsoft-certified consulting firm, Beyond Networks is an acknowledged leader in supporting the baseline network software and office productivity applications important to the majority of small and mid-size companies. As a Cisco-authorized partner, Beyond Networks also offers help for an increasingly complex collection of infrastructure products including PIX firewalls, switches, routers, VoIP options, and wireless networking. In addition, Beyond Networks" CISSP-qualified security experts, CISM-certified security engineers, and CISA-certified security audit specialists can provide a company-wide perspective on system protection.

The scope and size of Beyond Networks' consulting team offer a unique array of benefits to businesses trying to maximize the productivity of their IT system within an affordable budget. These advantages include:

Best Practices

Beyond Networks staff of Microsoft and Cisco certified experts average longer than a decade of real-world professional experience, at the forefront of network service, performing a wide variety of IT projects for a large array of clients. Each Beyond Networks consultant shares a proven set of personal best practices which are incorporated into company-wide best practices standards that Beyond Networks instils in its support personnel. This means that you get not only expert IT skills, but also a support engineer with field-tested methods and technical knowledge to solve actual IT problems quickly. Learn more about Beyond Networks best practices for network consulting.

Value Pricing

Beyond Networks pricing model is to charge for remote support and on-site visits by the hour. Consequently, you are billed just for delivered support. Beyond Networks does not demand a higher rate for after-hours or priority support, and within Sydney or in regions where Beyond Networks offers on-site service, we do not charge for travel except for emergency calls where on-site time is less than 4 hours. Also, Beyond Networks applies no minimum charge and requires no monthly commitment unless as specified as Service Contract. Many support organizations demand large minimum fees or charge for every four hours or longer. Beyond Networks one-hour granularity avoids large invoices for quick repairs so you will not be tempted to allow less critical problems to stay unaddressed. Learn more about Beyond Networks value pricing for IT outsourcing.

Full Documentation of IT Services

Beyond Networks has developed a comprehensive service reporting system that records and organizes complete documentation for all billed support activities. Unlike many independent consultants or small service firms who provide minimal documentation or details of tasks performed, each service provided by Beyond Networks is tracked by comprehensive documentation. Each Beyond Networks staff member has access to the reports given by each staff member to every client. The practice of detailing and archiving service activity results in more effective support and eliminates a variety of typical problems.. Learn more about Beyond Networks documentation of IT outsourcing services.

Knowledge Transfer

Beyond Networks is committed to knowledge transfer from our consultants to customers. By educating clients to handle problems that are within their scope, we can concentrate on providing hard-to-find services where Beyond Networks faces few competitors. Small companies who work with trusted freelance consultants or who maintain internal IT personnel are in benefit when Beyond Networks transfers knowledge about critical technology and tested methodologies to make their networks more reliable, secure, and productive. Learn more about Beyond Network's knowledge transfer services.