Why do you need an IT partner?

Whether you have a large enterprise, a mid-market or small business, information technology can play a critical role in helping your business succeed. The question is, do you need IT consultants or staff to make the most out of the technology?

The answer depends on many factors, including your type of business, your organization, budget, business and technology challenges and what you need in the way of a solution or solutions.

Consider what a Beyond Networks partnership can do for you. We can address all major IT issues such as compliance, data integrity, Microsoft product upgrade and migration and integration for Exchange, Active Directory, Windows and SQL.

Adding value to your business

If you have IT specialists, we can complement their efforts by taking over routine, time-intensive duties so your staff can focus on the daily operation. If you don't have IT specialists, we can offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time dedicated staff.

Applying best practices

If initiatives such as network security updates and data backup maintenance end up on your company's "to-do" list, you might be putting your business at risk in the event of system crashed. The same can be said if the documentation on your IT procedures are sketchy, making it difficult to reproduce the procedures or to troubleshoot. At Beyond Networks, we can put industrially recognized practices into place to ensure your business is protected.

Keeping up to date and global on technology

Most IT specialists in companies have little time to explore technology and related applications beyond what is installed in their organization. At Beyond Networks our business is gathering such knowledge and keeping updated on:


  • What's available in the market.
  • What the technology can and can't do for a variety of applications.
  • What works for our customers and what doesn't.


We can provide many perspectives on solutions and possibilities as your business evolves.

Finding the best solution

Our goal is to provide our customers with tailored solutions for the long term. We're not locked in to using one particular solution or one particular vendor. We have partnerships with many the leading technology suppliers in the world, providing a deep resource for creating the individual customer's needs.

Putting extensive experience to work

When you partner with Beyond Networks, you get the combined technology and business experience of people who have worked with a wide variety of applications, systems, solutions and challenges. You get a partner dedicated to the highest standards.

We have years of IT experience and knowledge gained through working

with a vast array of technology and solutions as well as businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries. With our expertise and extensive research of how the top IT consultants operate, we have developed best practices that we utilize for every project.

Part of those practices are based on an understanding that the most effective IT solutions are those that help customers enhance their business, not restrict it. The latest and greatest IT solution may not be the best choice for a business that is unprepared for the changes that can occur when new technologies and processes required for utilizing that solution are introduced. When designing an IT strategy, we consider where a business is and where it can go realistically.

On the other hand,, there are times when a customer needs to modernize; to take advantage of technology that has become a requirement to successfully conduct business in the market of today and tomorrow. Whether we recommend and implement a simple update or a step by step approach to modernization, we do so with sensitivity to the challenges that each business faces both externally and internally.


In many cases, customers come to us without a basic technological background knowledge to effectively describe the problem. In such cases we start with an audit where we meet the customer and assess the scope of the work, the environment and the challenges.


Although this seems like a common practice, we will listen to our customers, noting what makes their business unique, their challenges, budget and deadline. Through this interaction and input we identify what the client wants in a solution and what they think they need as well as what they expect from a consultant.


After reviewing all the factors, including customer requirements, we recommend the best course of action for the customer.


Some IT consultants are more businesspeople than technologists. Contrastingly, we are technologists with extensive, practical business experience, committed to making IT an integral part of business processes. We have firsthand knowledge to take strategies and turn them into a custom solution of hardware and software dseigned for a dynamic business.

A Beyond Networks network audit can provide a complete review of a customer's network topology and operations environment, examining such areas as:

  • >Network elements - locations, hardware types, environmental issues, security and connectivity
  • >Documentation - network layout, server and application documentation, support polices, acceptable use policy, configuration listings, wiring layouts, documentation of licensing information and disaster recovery procedures
  • >Network redundancy - single points of failure, recovery plan, backups, hot spares, raid configurations
  • >Support contracts - currency, repair turn-around-time, contact numbers and support contract us policies
  • >Operations - processes, problem resolution methods, network management, staff loading, training needs
  • >Network security – Security analysis of servers, PCs, firewalls, routers, VPNs, building access, password policy and account creation and deletion policies.
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    If your business needs IT consulting services, you can discuss with us on 1300-883 553 or send email to help@beyondnetworks.com.au