Looking for a better way to organize your company's critical information?

Install or upgrade a database server and turn your company's records to your advantage.

Our lead Database Administrator, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional in SQL Server 2005, has ten years of experience in this matter.  From selecting the appropriate database server and determining how to best use and support it to post-implementation tune-ups, Beyond Networks can help.

Databases Supported by Beyond Networks

> Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 - Use SQL 2000 or the new SQL 2005 if you want a fast and easy-to-use database that supports many Microsoft products (i.e., SharePoint).  SQL Server is our most-requested database program.

> Oracle - Consider using Oracle if you have a mixed environment (i.e., Windows/Linux) and want a high-powered, large-scale database to grow into.

> Reporting/Analysis Servers - These add-on services to MS SQL Server help companies sort and apply their customer information to sales and support efforts.  Reports also give feedback on online marketing.

> 64-Bit Versions - Upgrade to 64-bit versions of the above servers if you are buying new hardware or consolidating servers, and want the industry's fastest processing.


Questions?  Email our lead DBA at dba@beyondnetworks.com.au

We have years of database experience gained through working

with expertise and our extensive research of how other top IT consultants go about helping customers maximize their investment, we have developed best practices that we utilize for every project.

Database Installation

Setting up and maintaining a database server is one of the most complicated tasks in IT.  This complexity comes from the roles you ask your database to play. Will you scale it to work with your entire company, or just one department?  Will you need separate databases for your website, or just one for storing customer records?

To simplify installing a database:   (1) choose a database program that is easy to use and maintain; and (2) select an experienced IT firm to handle the installation for you.

Beyond Networks recommends Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  SQL 2005 stands as one of the easiest business-class databases to use and comes with supported from Beyond Networks engineers.


Advantages: Implementing a database server consolidates all your mission-critical data in one place. Centralizing makes for smoother operations and more security options.

Database Upgrades

Database upgrades involve moving to a new database software version, a new hardware platform (such as 64-bit), or moving from one database server structure to another. Planning the upgrademakes the difference between successful data storage and crashed systems.

With scripts like the ones Beyond Networks have developed, upgrades not only catch potential errors but the whole process is faster.  If your company needs more data processing capability, it makes sense to call Beyond Networks engineers.


Advantages: Lower cost - consolidating servers leads to lower power needs and less hardware.  Faster processing - users get tasks done faster, with fewer errors.

Database Problem Analysis and Resolution

This service involves analysing and solving specific database problems that may occur, like long response times or being unable to access data.  By reviewing all parts of the network - hardware, operating systems, applications that communicate with the database - our administrators can find and implement the changes that would make the database faster and more stable.


Advantages: Optimized databases mean more reliable reports, more confidence in records accuracy, and a smoother experience for employees and customers.

Database HealthCheck and Monitoring

A Beyond Networks Database HealthCheck proactively reviews and optimizes your existing database setup.  We document your database systems and establish a performance baseline (the level at which your server should function when properly tuned).

Our administrators then use performance monitoring scripts to pinpoint areas that need optimizing.  We will then arrange periodic check-ins (monthly or quarterly) to make sure the database is running at expected levels.


Advantages: HealthCheck prepares your servers for growth by catching problems before your users are affected.  It also determines how you can make full use of your existing database resources.

Reporting Services

A database report displays records based on specific criteria.  When users request a report, the administrator collects the data and publishes a report for them to reference.  Reports are often used for customer contact or purchase verification.  Publishing reports onto the Web is a service available in some database programs.


Advantages: Detailed reports show you where you can best focus on customers.  The more you know about them, the higher your sales will be.

Focus on Preventative Maintenance

  • Our HealthCheck service was developed from on-site experience.  We saw what our customers needed - regular checks on database performance to help ensure that their databases would not be the cause of a service disruption - and we built up a service to take care of it.
  • Schedule a HealthCheck visit every few months and don't worry about your database the rest of the time.  Focus on using your database to your competitive advantage.
  • Custom Scripts Available

  • Our database administrators have written customized scripts for installing and maintaining SQL server databases.  These scripts handle:
  • >Preserving user login information during an upgrade
  • >Moving user accounts between SQL domains
  • >Automatic server maintenance
  • >And more
  • We Have the Experience. 

    Whether your company has small, mid-market or enterprise needs, trust Beyond Networks to guide your company in selecting or maintaining your database.   We know a 30-person small business needs a small, quick accessible database, while a 3,000-person enterprise needs a database with robust storage and retrieval capability.  We keep your company's unique needs in mind when making our recommendations.
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    Questions?  Call us on 1300 - 883 553 or email our lead DBA at dba@beyondnetworks.com.au